About Juicy Beverage Co.

Offering Hard Vodka Cocktails and CBD Sparkling Water

Step into the vibrant world of a woman-owned, Colorado-proud beverage company, where passion meets innovation in every sip. Led by a woman with a bold vision, every product reflects the dedication to excellence that sets it apart. Embracing the collaborative spirit of Colorado, it champions local partnerships to give you a true Colorado proud experience.

Indulge in the bold taste of our Hard Vodka Cocktails. Where all natural vibrant flavors meet a hard kick. With options in both 10% ABV and 6.9% ABV, these cocktails redefine the art of mixology. YOU CHOOSE THE HARD!

Quench your thirst and elevate your wellness with our light refreshing CBD Sparkling Water, meticulously crafted for a revitalizing experience. Infused with 30mg of Nano CBD, sugar free, and calorie free, each sip is a journey into relaxation and rejuvenation. SIP THE SPARKLE!

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